ArtyShock Game Engine

I was surfin around on the interwebs and I found a new game engine called ArtyShock. I didn’t expect much from this engine until I saw the gallery. It has tons of really neat features including realtime reflections, dynamic bump mapping, GI, refraction, HDRI Lighting, and much more.

One of the features I found the most interesting is “texture-based Lighting with area light source”

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Just thought I’d share this with you guys, you can visit the full gallery, and learn more here:

the real question is what fps you can get while running that…

It looks abandonned, since 2005. Vodka?
Some images have better GI than Blender’s internal ever had…


Quote"Some images have better GI than Blender’s internal ever had"

Blender internal never had GI… it is AO!!


Most part of demos are based on baking techniques.

What about a little refresher about what GI (that’d be ‘Global Illumination’) is and what it isn’t?

AO and radiosity are GI techniques. Blender’s internal has both.

Yeah, V7X, that texture based area light looks really phat. Pity it ain’t OPEN SOURCE. Thx for sharing.

When we talk about radiosity, many people do not consider it GI, but simply, radiosity.