As I assumed, MS cell phones are a dead birth

It seems like crap to me. But then again, I took the battery out of my cell phone about 6 monthes ago. I don’t carry around a cell phone. I just like my land line. I don’t like having electronic stuff around me all the time. It’s distracting. If someone wants to get a hold of me, they can send an email or leave me a message or just come over to my house. People are stupid. So am I.

Heh, QFT, cell phone battery dead, and frankly never really made much use of it,
I’ve got a net book, works pretty well. :slight_smile:

I don’t use cell phones. But now I don’t go anywhere without my state of the art carrier pigeon.

to me, the whole UI is just yuk.

I agree the UI is very not good and not designed properly. I don’t like electronic products from microsoft and I think they should just keep on doing there OS instead because thats what they’re good at.

another attempt of MS trying to do design.

the idea is not bad but man most social apps are running via
web apps now.

Since years I do not use any email app - I just use google gmail

Funny how they missed that development.

The KIN is sorta lame, but for their target audience (normal teens who usually go for flip/ feature phones) it will work fine.

Microsoft better make Windows Phone 7 (Series, blah blah blah, whatever it’s called) a good OS, because they are so far behind in the phone market (which is a huge market).

mh with the other phones out like droid and their massive advertisement I dont think if they
even have a chance to find some market share.

their mp3 player as well was such a hit against the wall.

as a product designer I was always wondering about their color selection
black white brown? brown? An electrical device colored brown? Really?

I am just wondering about their design studio …

The XBOX 360 seems not to be mature and be a good platform.