As I Get Used To My Tablet

As I get used to my tablet, I will be making a couple, no doubt random, drawings on my computer! I really like the corel painter essentials 4 software & will hopefully get good at it eventually. My first test:


Practice makes perfect. :yes:

You make strokes similar to me. It’s hard for me to make a smooth curve without jerking. In a way that’s good, as in my opinion, paintings show that much more character leaving plenty to the imagination.

I have to agree with 3dmentia - a bit more practice is needed to bring out the artist in you.

Haha, thanks. Yes, I tend to go for the chiseled look when I draw. Man! When I draw, I always rotate my paper so that I don’t have to angle my hand! This tablet makes it so that rotating is an extremely slow and arduous process!

Turning the paper is alot easier than turning a tablet >.< the only other way is to do hand eye exercises to get used to angling your wrist, just google “drawing exercises” and you’ll find some good ones. The one I usually do before I start doodling is find something like a wire, then try to trace it by eye on the tablet without lifting my hand… harder than it sounds :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that MyPaint allows you to rotate the canvas, without actually modifying the painting (i.e. you can rotate to make your strokes easier, but when you save it will be saved with the original rotation). I’m not an expert with MyPaint, but I believe this is correct. You could do a quick search to see if corel offers the same utility.

BTW, if you haven’t tried it out, you really should take a look at MyPaint. It’s an excellent open source painting program. Good luck with the new tablet!

Thanks, I will try it out! Ooh… Sorry man, there is none for mac.

A tree… I went for a nice little chalk-colored look. The sketch looked fine, but I think the chalk made it look a little more peaceful.


Following the plant trend, I have made a rose sketch and one with chalk.


What software are you using??

Corel Painter Essentials 4

Some shading and pressure exercises. Sadly, Corel is not that pressure-sensitive, so it is quite difficult to get variation in shading unless I adjust the opacity.


I am using the corel, and find he pressure thing annoying as well. It’s either to dark or to light, Gimp works better but the brushes don’t work as nice. Anyway, good job on your pictures, they look alot like mine when I was getting used to my tablet.

I’m glad I’m going somewhere :slight_smile:

I got an old used Wacom graphite (i think) tablet… but it’s so old and sketchy (not in the artistic way) I’ve been unable to get a hang of it no matter how hard I tried.

Keep hacking away at it! Tis where I’m at in art seemingly perpetually, I hear it pays off eventually though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. You and me both. Right when I was getting the hang of traditional drawing…

Should I work with a larger canvas? How do I make the pictures better quality without re-drawing them?


Use mypaint with the tablet not paint from windows.

Umm… Is that meant as an insult? I’ve stated several times that I am using Corel Painter Essentials 4. I cannot use mypaint because I own a Mac

do me a favour if you have a scanner or camera around snap or scan in a picture of a traditional drawing you have done. I would like to see your level of work with traditional tools before I comment or crit, one quick tip i can offer you is to stop drawing on a white ground. You will misjudge the saturation and values of your colours.

p.s. if you have corel painter essentials stick with it, I have used mypaint and frankly its a bit muh, about the only thing that works for me with it is the pencil tools but that just my opinion.

I’ll try to whip something up really quick here…

A human? A plant? What? Random doodles?