as the world turns....

here is a sphere with a map on it.
at frame 1640 the camera sees europe.
at 1740 the camera sees north america.
but to you and i europe to america is a westword jump accross the atlantic.

captain blender decided to go EAST! via china- but still got to america.

how do i tell the sphere to rotate the other way round?
thanks all

sphere points
frame 1640 Europe -19 3.9 546 x,y,z
frame 1740 N america 0,14,270

if i have to put a point at 1690 (half way) that might cause slowing down and speeding up problems


worldtrip london to toronto.blend (7.84 MB)

I can’t currently look at your file, but I might guess that you can reverse the direction of your curves, or else change the value on your sphere’s f-curve for that rotation axis so it goes the other way.

thanks problem now solved