Ascent Knight (real time character)

Hi everyone
This is a character I’ve made some months ago for an unannounced indie game project (concept by Pasquale Mangano)

Software used:
Marvelous Designer
Substance Painter

Here some renders and Sketchfab model
High resolution renders at this links:


I hope you like it



Other Renders:

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awsome ! great job ! :slight_smile:

Really great work on clothing textures and dirt and dust. Nice

I really liked it, But also I think shininess on character’s face is a little uncontrolled.

Thanks, glad you like it.
@Masoud-zamani I agree with you, in the face with the eyes variation I tryied to give a sorta of sweaty/feverish effect but the final result is a little bit exagerated :confused:

did you use a cloth simulation under the armor?

Hi, I’ve previously simulate part of the cloths in MD without the armor, after I’ve modeled the chest/shoulder armor piece I’ve reimported the character in MD and simulated other cloths (for example the cape and other parts).
Once finished I’ve imported everything in Zbrush to adjust some minor error before to start the retopology in Blender.