Ascent: Looking for aid (2D artist/Designer)

Hello everybody.
My name is Samuel Moxham and I am the lead developer of the Ascent video game.


Ascent was originally a project developed for a university assignment which finished in great success.
The original game only had a three month development window, many elements were unrefined and the game itself was very broad and simple.
Here is a video of the game:

The BlenderNation post is HERE.

We have spent the last month redrafting a new version of the game which is bigger and better (but still realistic to create)
The game is now being developed into a commercially viable game, without assignment brief constraints.

2D Artist/Designer Position:
We are now desperate for a 2D artist, a hobbyist passionate about game art.
We need:
-Concept art

We are a very well organized group of people, everything needed will be presented to you on day one, you can then tell us what you can and cannot do and we will work around it.Application Info:
If you are feeling passionate or motivated by this game and want to help us out, apply!
Send the following through to [email protected] or a PM

-Description of yourself as a 2D artist/designer (styles, inspiration, experience, etc)
-2 or 3 images of previous work.
(We are specifically looking for an artist with understanding of design)

Other Positions?:
We are always eager to expand our team. So if 2D art is not your thing but you still think you would be a valuable member to our team (as a modeler, programmer or anything) send a portfolio and a bit about yourself to [email protected].

Want to ask me a few questions or hear a bit more about the game first? Send me a PM or reply to this post. I have avoided going into too much detail here as I have a nasty habit of creating walls of text. Rest be sure if you apply you will be filled into every detail.

Thank you
-Samuel Moxham and the Ascent team.