ASCII Star Wars

For Windows people: Start > Run

It’s Episode IV, in ASCII. It runs in the terminal window. Check it out!

umm? wtf who would like star wars enough to make that.


This was posted here before, once, but thanks for bringing it back. It makes me laugh. :smiley:


Awesome!:smiley: I wonder if he’s ever going to finish it…

This type of stuff really ticks me off. They waste time and skill and talent making this stuff when they could be using it for making stuff like the next Last Exile or the next Star Wars or the next Indiana Jones or the next something completly new.

Not really. No real skill or talent here, just lots of time.
And they’re free to spend their time doing whatever they like. Their site is famous on the internet. What can you say of your output?

Well, I think its awsome. I’ve watched those old star wars movies probably 30 times throughout my life and it’s great to see how much little detail the guy puts in. I wonder if he used some sort of software to help him somehow. Anyways, while you make fun of him, he’s probably more likely to be successful than most of us, cuz it’s the people with dedication, often, not talent that end up making it in life.

Maybe it was originally made to be viewed at schools where no video’s were allowed. I don’t know, but maybe I’ll put c3po and r2 as my new signature.

Just make sure it’s 3 lines or less…lol.