ASE Export to UDK?

Im reading a tutorial on how to export to UDk (for static meshes) and it says I need an ASE script, but the script they use was developed for 2.49B and wont work in 2.5…does anyone know where I can find an ASE script for blender 2.5x?

heres the website

go down until you see Step #02

Don’t know if it works but could be worth trying You may need to use this with a version of 2.57

it looks like it works, but im having a problem understanding the videos reasons behind exporting the way it does, and I cant seem to export correctly, thanks By the way :d

you don’t need the .ASE’s now tbh, UDK has very good collada support in it now, just export as those instead of going through all the .ASE faff.

oh sweet!!! thanks!