ASE exporter with animation support

Can somebody add animation support to goofos ASE exporter please?
Here is a useful link:

Thank you.


Unfortunately I would say this is very unlikely to happen. If you look at your own link you posted, the section on animation is absent. I spent some time myself a while ago looking for info on how animation is defined in an ASE file. I drew a total blank, so I had to abandon my idea of exporting a model from Blender into game using ASE. I switched to .X as it already has a couple of pretty good exporters. The main snag I hit was the fact that the .X exporter inflates the vertex count greatly. .X file info is more readily available so this deficiency is fairly easy to overcome with a re-write.

You would have much more chance of someone enhancing the ASE exporter for you if you could post a link to an ASE file document that defines in detail how anims are stored.

  Regards Geoff