ASE Exporter ?


As the ASE exporter cannot export animations, I was searching for a definition of the ASE 3d file format. I drew a blank as I cannot find anywhere a reference that explains how the animations are coded into the format.

There are a couple of 3d Apps I know of that undestand anims in ASE, so I am guessing the Spec. has been published at some time.

Does anyone know of any reference where this is documented please ?

Thanks for any assistance


You may want to contact the person who runs this site:
As they have written an ASE exporter for Blender and may know something for you.

Just to give this topic some closure. The ASE documentation is pretty much held close to the chest of descreet to whome the ASE format belongs (basically) so it’s unlikely that animation a-la what max apparently does can be added to the Blender ASE without some serious work above and beyond what Goofos (the author of the Blender script, I just host it) has time to do.

Ah, thanks Kat for clearing that up. I wasn’t sure what he/she was asking so I just pointed then to where I got the script :slight_smile:

Your site is fantastic BTW :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, just to conclude, thanks both for your help. I have now decided that the lack of documentation for the ASE format is too big a problem to workaround, so I have switched to trying to export my model in Direct X .X file format.

 Regards Geoff