Asherah on Branch

Elves love trees. It’s their safe place.
I wrote a short little scene about this image here:

Asherah basemesh created in Daz Studio and imported into Blender. Materials, fur, hair created in Blender. In this composition, I wanted a foggy forest. I split the fog settings between Asherah and the forest behind her to give the forest a bit more fog for better separation.

This is pure personal opinion from me: The reason I never commented at this work before is because she/“it” gives me the creeps. Nothing wrong with the technical work or anything else it just doesn’t go well with me for some reason. But I like that you have a story and background made for the character. Just keep on working.

i think technically that’s a truly magnificent work overall, great details especially in the hair, clothes and all the plants around

one thing i have to say is that the rough and spotted skin texture, while it could be an elf skin, gives a strange feeling from a human point of view. i don’t know, maybe one explanation is that it looks as some kind of sickness, or it evokes that image in the mind.

in the avatar movie the aliens had a similar skin (though more lucid and less rough) but their skin was blue, so it looks from another world and the human eye has no problem accepting it

maybe you could experiment with different skin and see what happens. the overall result is really great already but who knows, maybe it can get even better.

and last thing, you could try a slightly warmer light. blender has a blackbody node that takes care of the light color perfectly using the kelvin scale, i first saw it in Andrew Price’s lightbulb tutorial.
i think slightly warmer would look better, but that’s just my opinion

but overall i think it’s a great job already

ok i just looked at your other work and realized it’s not skin but fur :slight_smile:

Thanks! I actually opted for cooler in this composition on purpose to accentuate the foggy morning ambience. My next image will be much warmer because she will be sitting in a sun-beam.

The skin is actually fur. I guess the 1080p version didn’t really make this clear - here is a snippet from the 4k version:

Heh - maybe I’m writing in the wrong genre. Should write horror instead. :slight_smile:

I hoped that the fur, pointed/tufted ears, and large eyes would have helped overcome the effects of uncanny valley, but perhaps the photo-realistic nature of the composition confounded that goal. Sorry for the creeping. :slight_smile:

wow… well done, love it so much. Just looking at the detail… very cool!