ashsid Realtime waves

I was looking for the download link to blend font (I had lost my old one) and looking on ashsid’s blog I found a BGE wave demo that creates waves in real time, and at 60fps. Has anyone heard about this? And could this be used to create realistic water in the GE?

Wow nice find. It also has a link to a game they created using BGE that uses that:

But it looks really awesome, and it’s all open-source. I’m curious about how they made the water simulation. Is it simply a displacement applied to a high res mesh? I’m downloading both the plugin and their game right now, but my internet is pretty slow.

just try the demo and you’ll see. Plugin creates circle waves spreading from its origin points. It provides many parameters to define shape and behaviour of each created wave. Waves are created by mesh vertices coordinates manipulation in realtime, calculation itself can be done by separate thread to provide maximal performance.