Ashsid Texture plugin install (short tutorial)

Hi, im just collect some info about this Great plugin here from this topic.
This plugin support realtime shadowmap, reflect and refract.

This plugin only works on windows and Blender 2.45 !
the older blender versions donwload here (the link is broken now dont now why)

until a mirrored link:

download an install the plugin here

-put the blendVideoTex.pyd, and dll`s from (full) directory to blender 2.45 dir.

download the demo files:
doc and youtube video:

open the demo file in blender 2.45 after install the
this demo contain the shadow map, mirror, (movie player dont work for me) and the realtime bump painting.

i find the refract and reflect demo from here(only the refract ball link woks):

direct link refract demo:
i test this demo for a long time ago and i remember it works but for now dont.

Thanks.Any tutorial step by step how to setup only the shadow map ?

i dont know how it works with python, i hope an advanded python coder will post here :slight_smile: