Hi everyone, this is my first post, also my first time with cycles, please tell me what you think.

Thank you.

The ‘used’ cigarette looks to perfect to be real - otherwise it almost appears to be a photo.

The only point that seems odd to me is the reflections inside the ashtray - things appear to be floating, like the reflections are on the base of the ashtray instead of the inside. Are they floating or are the reflections showing in the wrong place? maybe the normals inside the ashtray are wrong?

Thanks for your critique, well I’ve checked the normal and they are OK, it really appears to be reflecting only on the outside surface of the ashtray, I’ve set the bouncing light to the the default max in cycles as well the reflections… so I’m not seeing where the problem is. If anyone as an idea please tell me.

Thank you very much.

The reflections are on the table, not the ashtray. Can you show your node set up for the glass and the table?

I think the vignette is too dark, and the wrong shape. I know it is an artistic choice, but in truth a lens is circular and any fall off would also be circular.

OK, so here goes my node setup for the glass material and the marble material for the table.



Try turning down the Glossy for the marble and blur the reflection some.

OK, so here is my updated picture with changes suggested by Organic

I’ll see if I can now simulate some smoke… that would be nice… hehe…


If you have a recent version of Blender, under the object menu (in 3d view) there is a menu choice called “quick effects” I have found these are great for setting up something like a smoke simulation without all the set up.

I added smoke to this (camera tracking test)

Shadows look better now. Maybe increase the lighting very slightly or add some levels adjustment in Gimp or Photoshop. Or take it into Blender’s compositor and have some fun there.

Problem is, cycles does not support smoke yet, I think…

You can still add smoke with BI, then combine in the compositor.

hummm… cool idea… I’ll see if I can figure that out…


you use displacement on the glass with a texture but i don’t see anything.
mixing the texture with a fac.value of 0.1. multiply means it takes the black values of 90% of the top input and 10% of the bottom
input. so you hardly use the picture and the other input is white.
if you use the texture for the ashes then you should change the node settings. use a mix-shader with a diffuse-shader (texture input) in stead.

Actually it was just to give it a slight taste of bumpiness, simulating scratches… it didn’t work very well I know.
As for the ashes they have their on texture.
I’ve found now a better way, I think, to control the bump (displacement) value. Instead of using a color mix node, I found it much functional to use a math node set to multiply.

I’ll try to improve it soon. Thanks for the replies.

Here is my latest version, with smoke added in cycles with BI blend. Hope it is better.