Asian dragon (gold):D

Hi ,

I’ve start with a cube …

With a bit of GIMP.
I got a little statue like this …
I’ve just follow the silhouette , without background image … :stuck_out_tongue: .

Peace :blenderlove: .

this guy somehow looks funny :smiley:

Somehow he could use a little improvement, the inner mouth area looks like it could use more depth as the bottom is at the exact same level that the teeth is. Also the snout looks a little too square even for oriental dragons and I’m sure the teeth would look better if they turned back not quite at 90 degree angles.

Also, why is there a spot in the middle of the front with the teeth entirely missing?

Could use some overhauling, but considering you look new at this with only 11 posts isn’t too bad for a beginner.

EDIT: looked at your join date, it seems like you’re not new as in totally new but it isn’t a bad start.

sculptures tend to be ‘unrealistical’ in that sense. especially chinese art including dragons or dogs or alike have often a strange look. the ‘teeth hole’ i’ve seen though in many chinese statues so far hence it’s ok in my opinion.

Hey I think I got that statue too :stuck_out_tongue: lol Looks very good there does seem to be something out of place just cant put my finger on it.

Prehaps if possible you could post a photo of the statue for comparison. Just a thought.

Anyways really good work better then anything ive done.

Hi again ,

I haven’t put the middle teeth cause , i haven’t aply the mirror modifier yet…
If i put the middle teeth , they merge at the center to form a big-teeth , lol .

Here is the statue :
sorry for the bad shot :o .I’ll post a better one next time .

I haven’t follow exactly the model , i prefere put some of my “touch” :p:D(it’s easier too).

Now i got to work on the body wich is not the easiest part of this :eek:.
I’m not sure how to make it …:rolleyes:

Peace :blenderlove:

hello :slight_smile: ,

Here’s the next step , with different view of a part of the body :

And a little render of the body with a normal map scale(is this the good word ?) tex + disp :
It’s really not definitive , cause i’m not friend with texture thing :cry:.

And another view of the model :

Once more , i don’t follow exactly the model .

That’s it for now … :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C are welcome .

Peace :blenderlove:

Its really looking good. I cant wait to see it when its all put together. Cool statue too.

Not the same one i got after all but pretty similliar(spelling???) Too early :stuck_out_tongue:

Been wanting to try to model this buddha statue I have maybe will give that a shot when I get home now :slight_smile: Thanks for a lil motivation.

Keep up the great work and cant wait to see how things progress.

diffuse texture + displacement texture is not normal-mapping. in fact disp-mapping in blender is a bit poor. you could try dupli-verts. should work well for the mesh you layed out there or if the scales are not supposed to be utterly huge a real normal-map does the trick too.

Been wanting to try to model this buddha statue

I got one too , lol .
Oops , i got 2 .
A big one which holdin’ another little one in is hand .

Maybe i’m gonna give it a try too , after the dragon .

Peace .

got a statue like that too, but the dragon is out of porcelaine. now that guy is tricky to transport… lucky me not too huge :smiley:

Hi ,

After i’ve done , re-done ,etc …, and done again (argh) .

I think i got it :

With bones :

With curve deform :

Test with the scales :

Just some test for the body …

Peace .

Hi ,

Got to work on some details , but i’ve almost finnish the mod :
I work without the subsurf in the 3D view (too slow :frowning: !!)

Now , i have to make it “pose”

with bones :
B-bones & “custom” iksolver :

curv deform deform is really cool, but is it possible to put an armature with it ?(for the legs)

armatures are nowadays modifiers so you can stack them in. simply add a deform modifier and you should be all set.

Wow. This really captures the essence of the dragon (asian type). Good work.


This is really good work. At first I thought the photo of the statue was your render, I was amazed! XD

Great dragon. But I think the turns in the pose is too sharp. If you make the turns smoother it would look more organic so maybe that wouldn’t be good but you decide.

Hi :slight_smile: ,

Thanks for your comments .

But I think the turns in the pose is too sharp.

Yeah that’s the problem actualy , i think i’m gonna put more bones in the armature for a better result.
I mean i’m gonna play with bones or curv deform longer.
Plus , when i move some bones , the body goes weird , movin’ and spinin’ in strange ways .

Simply add a deform modifier and you should be all set.

I’m not sure how to do this ,haven’t find the deform (curve ???)modifier .
I know that there’s an order to put the modifier but i’ve never played with the others , just mirror and subsurf .

Can you please explain a bit more the way to do this ?
I’m really interested …

Peace .

go to modifier panel, hit ‘Add Modifier’, hit ‘Armature’, enter as ‘Ob’ the name of the armature object. now the armature named influences the mesh. you can add more than one there. same goes for Curve. simply name the object. about the order it’s applied from top to bottom ( if i recall correctly ). hence simply move the modifiers around a bit if they overlap.