Asian male head sculpt

Doing a head sculpt of a main character in a wuxia comic. Any pointers on how to make him look more handsome aside from adding hair?





This is what I am aiming for, but the face of my character will have differences:


Some good areas there. The cheek bone can be a bit lower with taller front plane.

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Thank you! But I was hoping I could keep the unusually high cheekbones since Andy Lau also has them! :grinning:

Beside Vincent Zhao and Andy Lau I also reference Wallace Huo:


I try to incorporate a little bit of each to my character if possible.

  • pushed back bridge of nose slightly
  • altered jaw muscles
  • made brow a little more prominent

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  • added more cheek bone volume
  • reduced jaw size
  • pushed back forehead a bit
  • made whole face more elongated
  • eyes are wider
  • raised corners of mouth a bit (made him more handsome!)

Then you could probably trim the mandible a bit.

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Thanks! I’ll try as soon as I get some sleep :grinning:

  • made jaw less angular
  • more rounded chin
  • zygomatic more noticeable
  • rough paint over


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