Asih, The Girl with Kebaya

Hi All,

long time no posting, today i’m gonna show you my latest blender work. as my time is very limited, i dont have time to finish the hand and the lower body texturing part, although i really want to. and to cut down the modeling time, i use the magnificent make human base mesh :smiley: (call me a cheaters!), and i change the shape a bit for the face and the shoulder. and finish everything in 5 days full (with trials and errors) so comments and critics are welcome.

the rigging it self is very basic, i even dont know how to attach the eyelashes to the eyelid so it will be easy to animate, anyone know how to do a nice eyelashes rig ? i used textured plane with alpha for the eyelashes.

a little bit description about the girl :

"Her name is Asih, wearing her best traditional gown (Kebaya). and her best traditional hair do (Sanggul). She is from Jawa Island, Indonesia.

done in Blender 2.49 and GIMP 2.6.6 and Make Human 1.0 Alpha."

and some screen shot of the T Pose and textures

I don’t take this as cheating, since you did a good job on top of the base mesh. Nicely done.

Hi johantri, your model is really nice but it would deserve a better composition, maybe you should crop your pic to get rid of the upper empty space …
I don’t like the background and noticed some little artifacts, apart from that, it’s really good so far.
Keep up the good work.

@pildanovak : glad you like it. i have work as 3d generalist artist and sometimes (well, everytime actually) client just want a quick result :smiley:
@serialsiner : thanks for the crits. well, you know, some people like orange, and some people prefer apple :smiley:

Oh wow! This is looking awesome! BUT it still needs more work on the texture and presentation side I guess. But you could continue it from here. I do suggest you try to work out more on the textures of the skin, eyes, etc. Get rid of the background for awhile then try posting some of your texture works with just a plain bg so it won’t get distracting. Really really nice start here! :slight_smile: Try visiting for more inspiration and references.