Ask about Border Select

Hi i saw Blender in the Internet and wont try it. So I donload it and start with a toturial. Now i need the function Border Select but when i press the “B” Button nothing happend. The same when i press two times. Is there somebody who now something about this problem or is this my PC.

Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english :smiley:


Well, I don’t know what the problem is, but you could always try getting it from the menu. Select -> Border Select

When you activate the Border Select tool with the B Key, it doesn’t really do anything at all. You have to drag it for a dotted box to appear. Anything within that box will be selected.

Hope that helped, and welcome to Blender and BlenderArtists.Org!

Also, if you are in object mode, hitting Bkey twice does not give you a circular selection area, it only seems to cancel border select. You should see when you hit the Bkey a set of new cross hairs that originate where your mouse cursor was located. At this point you merely click and drag to select an area. In edit mode, hitting the Bkey twice should give you a circular selectintion (EDIT cool word eh? I just made that up!) area that can be adjusted with the scroll wheel.

Hope this helps…

:mad: It dosn’t work at all. I try Border Select in the Menu but nothing happend. I think its my Pc. I install it two times new but it’s the same.

Thankyou that you try to help my.

What graphics card do you have?