Ask about performance

Hi . I have an ask . When I use subdivision surface modifier or bevel, it adds faces a lot. Is that affects to performance?

Yes, lots of faces can slow down performance.

Then how i can smooth edges ? Its too certain.

The amount of performance impact depends on how many extra faces are added. Add the subsurf modifier and see how much it slows down.

For most situations, you shouldn’t run into many issues adding 1 or 2 level of subdivision.

Triangle amount, after subsurface scattering and volume rendering is the most performance hitting stuff.

Understood… But is there have any way to hide sharp edges? Can material and textures hide this ?

I will try to hide with applying material to sharp areas

Smooth shading will help, but sometimes you just need to add geometry.

Mate I’m worrying about that. I want make crash physics . But if I decrease faces how I will do that? I’m confused :frowning:
Lots of faces will eat performance,
Small amount of faces will doesn’t let me to simulate, no way …

Well, for deformations like in a car crash, you will definitely need subdivided faces.

This kind of simulation is intensive, so performance will be a little slow no matter what.

It should be possible, just not really fast.