Ask before quitting the program?

Is there any way to make Blender ask whether to save the file when quitting? Right now, I have perhaps mistakenly closed the damn thing five times, losing precious work in the process… :mad:

This “feature” makes Jakob Nielsen cry.

well, jakob, as the blender 2.3 guide puts it, blender assumes that you know what you’re doing. i’ve done this plenty of times also. but you can set blender to save a backup file every howevermanyyousetitto minutes, up to the set amount of files. pull down the menu thing at the top of the 3d workspace and click on the ‘Autosave’ button, bringing up the options.


I guess it has some perverse sense to it.

Thanks anyway.

you can also go to the /tmp folder and you will find a bunch of numbered .blend files… load the newest one and you can recover a recent automatically saved session