Ask for: link/append/import returns object(s) instance(s)

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a Python method to link/append/import objects in Blender that would give me back some info about what has been appended (in the best case a list of the imported objects instances)…

For instance: let say that in a .blend file I have a car made of the main structure which contain 4 wheels.

bpy.ops.wm.link_append(directory="/home/pierrick/atrv.blend/Object", link=False, 
  files=[{'name': 'ATRV'}, {'name': 'Wheel.4'}, {'name': 'Wheel.3'}, {'name': 'Wheel.2'}, {'name': 'Wheel.1'}])

if there was already an object called ATRV, my car will be renamed ATRV.001,
it would be nice to get an instance of the objects, to avoid pasing by

Same with collada: it would be amazing if:


could return something like:

you_just_imported = { 
  'ATRV': [ 

Where the string are the real-name of the object in the Blender instance.
With .001 if there was already another object with the same name in the scene.

In fact, I’m working on Morse:

Any idea? shall I open an issue for that?


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partially resolved here: