[ASK] Material And Modelling Separated

Hi all, I am new member in this forum …
was not even an hour … :yes: I’m a beginner. I wanted to ask, I create an object that has been separated but still in one form, then after I smooth, the intersection between the object appears. how do these invisible boundaries … because I wanted to animate the objects that initially one and then split up into several parts. I would be very grateful for the help:)

When You say “has been separated but still in one form” Do you mean that the slices are separate objects? And “smooth” Do you mean smooth lighting? Check that both parts have been set to smooth lighting, and check that they have the same material. If you provide a .blend file I can check it out and see if I find the problem

did you see it in the render or in the viewport?
viewport may show some things that are not in the render final

also if you put object inside other object this may creates some interferences and not render well!