Ask me anything (using this to create some content for my site)

I’m currently trying to develop my site with more contents and figured that it might be interesting to see what would somebody ask about me. All you have to do is to post a question about me and i’ll answer it as long as it is not too personal or provactive for this forum and me. Each time i get 10 or so questions, i’ll updates the About Me page of the site. If there is any particularly long answer to a question, then it may show up on the front page of the site.


This is obviously a impossible question to answer so please don’t post any more “impossible” questions. It is just a waste of space and times.

What was your favorite subject in school, and how have you found those studies to be useful today?

This is difficult to answer since classes in my high school at the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind had changed teachers quite a bit (compared to the public school system) and they tends to have lower standard of education :frowning: but if I had to choose, I would be stuck between Science (in general) and Maths. I have not yet had a lot of experiences yet to say just how helpful these subject are today but I believe that it has changed the entire way I looks at things and makes it a lot more easier to want to learn everything I want to which is a huge plus for me when I try to look for a job or to join another activities or groups. It helps me keep active though it does depends a lot on if I have enough money or not (I don’t have much of it yet).

Thanks for the question :slight_smile: this is the kinds of question I would like to see more of.

Which things do you do you’d rather not others found out about?

This is obviously a impossible question to answer so please don’t post any more “impossible” questions. It is just a waste of space and times.

I’m skipping this one and are waiting for another questions.

What is your inspires you to make art? What would you like to express about the human condition to your viewers? What artists inspire you?

Umm originally I got started in 3d modelling cause I had wanted to make video games and needed some creative free time to help make it easier to get into the whole programming things (I have not yet started on programming). But having grown up in a kind of a special situation (being deaf and having alternated between deaf institution and public schools when my military family moved around the country some) sometime makes me want to make image that help provoke people opinions on how fallible and gullible some of our belif is (not based in religions but in the overall belif people have) because I have not had a lot to keep faith in and never seemed to have problems with it and yet I see too many people putting soo much effort and time in something not so important like trying to hang onto your high school past once you graduate.

There are not that many artists that inspres me, rather it the few execptional arts that I see like @ndy’s MoonMan and @ner’s Fireflower.

I hope this isn’t an impossible question:

Is there any truth to the rumor that you have no hard drives, and that instead you have twenty Asian teenagers in your basement who you force to memorize numbers?

Lol, No.

Please ask me some real questions that I can actually answer not something extremely obvious and implausible like your question.

How much of a motivator is money, to you?

What are your aims in life?
Both immediate and overall

NOTE: the answer below applies to both of the above questions.

My general aim in life used to be a video-game designer and to have a great life with a great family but the video-game designer desire have slowly evolved into a general wish to learn as much about computers and related field as possible. In a way this have served as a wake-up call for me to review what I really want to do in life, I know I still want to work with computers but I’m just not sure exactly what I want to do with it. At least I’m still only 21 so I have time to learn and experience life which is why i’m only focused on making more money right now. I’m well aware that money doesn’t buy happiness but it does help take cares of obstacles to it such as worries over bills and wanting better computer and similar situations. Money by itself isn’t that great of a motivator except for the fact that it can help me get a better computer, takes care of my bills and whatnot. The money would also help me with the family plan once i get older and ready to settle down by being able to provide for my future kids and wife. In short, I want enought money to help me with my goal but not so much that all of the efforts and the push would be wasted. I’m the type to enjoy the journey more than the destination (most of the time anyway).

scince becoming an owner of the super wu-man black manga shirt of invincibility, how has your life changed?

How has Blender changed your view on art (if any change at all)?

umm, started enjoying walking for miles out in the snows, got me a good outer coat real cheap, my car radiator cracked so I can’t drive it anymore until I have enough money to get it checked out. Nothing else happened so far.:stuck_out_tongue:

well it have not changed much at all except for becoming a little too technical (hate to watch a scientifically inaccurate movie or show) and a heightened appreciation for how much works goes into these masterpiece I see around here.

sorry about the double post, please ignore this one.

do you use windows?

yes but only because I have not yet figured out how to set up the dualscreen on my ATI Radeon 9550 in Ubuntu Dapper (Dual Boot). I will continue to use window though only for games (Like “PREY”, “Rise & Fall: Civilizations at war” ,and “Warhammer 40,000”) once I figures the dualscreen-in-ubuntu out.

(if you have suggestion on how to fix this, please PM me instead of posting it here to avoid the risk of this thread being hijacked or de-railed. thanks)

In contribution to such a “personal” thread, even oriented to your portfolio’s site front page drawing up, in my turn, I can’t resist to ask you, not one, but several true questions :

  • about your “I’m bored…” avatar, same here as in your Portfolio :
    => but why are you bored, and of what ?.. and is it an opened or closed sentence ?..

=> Is it what you are bored of, or just an answer among others ?
=> With good reasons, why not developing them, or at least link to good related sites ?
=> If it is only one sad side, why not showing at the same time, in your avatar or in evidence in site page, another counterbalanced one ?
=> For an artist, what place should an avatar have among all his other image choices/creations ? (As you see, I would say none!..)

=> Do you think deafness made you more attentive to other senses, or to all other sorts of handicap (not only physical ones), and to communication in general ? ( I would say “you surely want to fit in!” )
=> I would guess, perhaps wrongly, a bit of early justified frustration, but which good souvenirs of youth do you keep ? Didn’t any of them provoke some of your major positive motivations today ?

=> Isn’t provocation itself a fallible and gullible belief ?
=> Since people see mainly what they want to see, and ambient stress blinding most of positive stimuli as proofs of weakness, do you believe that the only interaction of remaining negative ones can still be positively used in a way or another ?

=> Which relations do you see between Science and Art ( furthermore yesterday, today, tomorrow ) ?

(PS: You know I was avoiding textual posts, but this time I felt “I just had to” also… and preferred to quit ‘compost’ flames)

Wow, thanks Gyan, for all of the questions. I’ll try to answer these questions today but I might will be busy today so expect something at the latest tomorrow.