[ASK] my 1st 3d interior project, need help problem with rendering

hi, im a beginner in 3D world, currenty trying to make a 3D interior design by learning from a tutorial about architectural by Jonathan Williamson on CGCookie
problem is when i try to render, my rendered images is all black, and i dont know how to fix it :ba:
the blender version in the video is different, mine is the newest blender 2.66, and he did something in the video that i cant seem to find the button in my blender
i appreciate all the help i can get, thx guys :slight_smile:

became this, chairs, rugs and lamps are linked object btw

For example, i see you are still in the blender internal render engine, if you change over to the cycles engine (its the one used in the video) you might be able to make it work more accurately.

If you hit that tab, you can swap over to cycles, and also at the sky-lighting he uses in the video.

add some light in the scene?