ask person'moving by Python script

Please,people consider my file Blender which discribe person’s movement.But i don’t know it which doesn’t work when I push start game in Game menu.Please help me.I’m needing it.Thanks


man_10.blend (407 KB)

Heya Tieuson,

I aint a pro at blender (just yet hehe) but from a quick look at your model there are a few things that are not right.

1stly, you dont have the character mesh parented to the armature, this means that the armature will actually be moving around as you press the move keys (though is invisible when running the game) but as its not linked to the mesh the mesh will not move with it.

Also, you seem to have both the mesh and armature set to have dynamics on, the way it usually works is to have a mesh for the character that has no collision, an armature that requires no dynamics too and a main box that is invisible that acts as a collision box (with dynamics set) around the whole character. All of these should be linked so that when you press a move key the box will move and this will move with it the non-dynamic atmature & mesh.

Hope that makes sense as I am kinda useless at explaining stuff lol

Hi,thanks you for your helping but when mesh parented to the armature, shape of mesh is change shape.Can you repair my file or give me any examples so that i can understand more than?thanks

Dude! Actually i think the GE doens’t support IKs the way you are using here, only IK solvers :(. Anyone correct me here if I’m wrong!

There is an actuator for actions too! Don’t forget to study it! :wink:

Did a quick search for a tutorial for you and it appears that my little knowledge on rigging was based on an old method (the parenting method), and seems your way is a different way that i have no clue about… so you may want to ignore that part of my original post (told ya I aint a pro hehe)

I’ll try dig out a blend I did a few months ago when I played around with rigging, though may not be much help to ya

Edit: Here ya go… Probably the 1st rigging I did so dont expect too much and was before I learnt any scripting so its all done with logic blocks, but will give you an idea of the collision box I was saying about and maybe will help a little.


StickMan.blend (801 KB)

Yep dude you gotcha! He is using the armature modifier.

Here there some guys facing the same problem inside the animation forum:

I’m sorry i need to study a whole lot more the differences between both methods.