(Ask) Ray shadow?

How to make Ray Shadow in bender GE?. note: but not buffer shadow.

Blender, not bender, and I’m almost 100% certain Rayshadow is impossible in the game engine. You could bake it if it’s stationary

Why Rayshadow is imposible in blender GE ?

Because it hasn’t been implemented. Maybe you run blender on a super computer to enable all the raytracing calculations in real time. I’m sure if you search here you will find recent developments in realtime raytracing in the games industry.


but, i wish blender able to rayshadow.
so, any another way to make shadow like is rayshadow in blender GE?.
Such as cast shadow can using python to make it ?

ow. Thanks

Ray shadow is only possible with ray tracing, and we are rather far away from being able to use that in real-time for anything more than very simple games on good computers.
Perhaps you meant stencil shadows, however? (as seen in Doom 3)
…Blender doesn’t have those.