Ask the person above you

The game is simple. I’ll leave an answer then the next person gets to ask the question and then leave and answer for the next poster.

Answer : Because it shimmers and wiggles.

So why did you steal my Rolex?

Just down the road.

Where’s my wife?

How do you feel ?


Who is reading my mind?


@kbot: Who’s an odd duck?
@RJ What does an ogre sound like when it sneezes?
Sunshine and rainbows.

What do you like most ?

System is playing up!

What ever happened to the UVM?

Change for a dollar

What do you want most of all in life?

a half eaten taco.

Eww… what’s that?

Elvis, Bigfoot, Batboy and Jimmy Hoffa.

Who’s hiding in my closet?

Don’t worry, doctor says it will slough off eventually.

Yuck! What’s that on your face?


What’s your least favorite food?


What did you have for a midnight snack ?

200 pages.

How many pages will the other “Ask a question” thread get to?

Because we have nothing better to do than play this crazy game.

Why aren’t you skiing with Paris Hilton ?

Because I have the guns, grenades and chainsaw.

Why are you going to shoot, blow up and cut up that poor tree.


Lol i cant believe that on a blender forum somebody is complaining that all there is to do is post in this thread. Even if its dear, and i’m sure lovely otherwise, moonflower.

Rrrrgh, Marcus… it was a joke, dude! Pay attention!
Meh… I am talking to someone with a mental age that is lower than my (pretty low) IQ :stuck_out_tongue:

Because he couldn’t see the sarcasm dripping from every word.

You will have to type louder otherwise i wont hear the sarcasm i’m not reading…