Ask: to make mathematical text expressions as new object primitive in next release

i am really waiting to have a tool or the text object able to express mathematical formulas and can be animated if its possible … if a developer read this message please make this feature … really i tried
many methods to make math expressions as text or anything else by its to hard o the process is too long or not efficient … i tried to install latex2blender addon but its not working
and there is no video tuto for that
please help
any solution?

Would geometry nodes not work for that?

how to write fraction number and power number

With the math node.

i think it evaluate it as decimal but not showing it as fraction model object or text object

Oh, you want to display the text. I thought you wanted to create an object based on a formula.

Geometry nodes might still be the answer. Look at the release notes of blender 3.0. It says that it brings the first text nodes. Perhaps that works for you.

thanks i will