ASK! You stupid alien! Episode 3! done !!!

ya so ive had some problems with ask you stupid alien 3 mostly cuz the camera was shaking way to much so the match moving was hard and then i ran out of space on my computer and got a virus on it (Trojan) and so ive worked on it off and on and i finally got it finneshed theres lots of shots that are sopost to be there but the match moving was crap and sorry if the camera is to shaky it wont happen again and i just wanted to finnesh it but if you havent watch any of them or the second then here they are

Episode 1



o and were planing the 4th one

hmmm I can’t watch youtube… no flash… if you made a download I would watch it

this might interest you:

i liked the twist at the end of the first EP and over all its not to bad.
however the animation could do with a lot of work most of all when the alien runs.
secondly did you use a camera tracker because the animation did not seem to flow with the action as well as it could.
if you need a camera tracker try icarus (not free but there is a ple) or Voodoowhich is free.
may be a few texture and lighting changes too.

sorry if this sounds harsh i dont mean it like that i just want to give some honest C&C

ya i used voodoo but the shots were just to fast and blury

Very nice, I really enjoy movies like these XD

ya im working on a script for a new movie but its not gona be ask you stupid alien…