Asked on developer mailing list what was to become of bge in interactive mode

I Asked on developer mailing list what was to become of bge in interactive mode

will they strip out stand alone publishing.

I await a response.

Not meaning to offend but I think the only appropriate response to this thread is either:
“OK”, or “Cool story”.

There is no point guessing or debating what the devs will do next, it has already been done many a time, with the same disappointing result.

That is why I asked on the developer mailing list.

Ton and the developers set a road map, and it does not say

“remove standalone”- like the last one,

but It sure does not say

“Keep stand alone”

it will be maintained the posibility of publish your game with gameplayer. No BGE developer were interested in a pure interactive thing.
We are interested in a BGE that shares much code as possible with blender (viewport, physics, logic, etc).

Thank god,

many people in other threads … say other things.

Very good to know that we still have the possibility of using gameplayer autonomous. For as BPR said in other discussions some said that the autonomic would be discontinued (usually people who even took the time to create a simple scene with a cube for testing in BGE), which does not make sense (at least in my point of view, since I am not familiar with dódigo Blender source).
I agree with the direction to integrate with BGE Blender rest in order to get the best of both worlds.
Anything beyond what the Devs involved say is mere speculation.

Moguri has an article on why the bge is hard for the devs to maintain, I guess one of the main priority is to hopefully clean up the bge code during the integration?

refactoring and conainment a good next step before any massive changes.