Asked this the other day no reply in textures for uv question

I was watching Jonathan Williamson concrete tutorial and he did project from view on all sides. I liked how he did this because he was able to scale up or down his uv.image(1) when I do a scale of my uv it doesn’t look right image (2) so I am wondering, with each side separated, couldn’t I just scale it up a little bit and get more of the 0-1 uv space?

image 2 is the difference between the uv’s, one scaled and one not. I do use the wrangler node for the coordinates and mapping but , but still it doesn’t help for planks to get maximum uv. I was wondering if this is where the uv grid comes into play on entering a texture size a using the grid texture to scale? then scale it up or down on whatever axis?but still do you use 1 row of squares or so many squares rows on the object mesh for each plane? that would still do what the first picture is showing of the different views of scaling the uv will show

file here for the 2 planks just using the same texture

click on image to see the difference, I think its hard to know which on look s better, plank 2 looks better but the uv is not suppose to be stretched.