asking about work preference from experienced artists to noobs.

So I was wondering if the experienced artists can give some simple advice: Is it better to create your object using lots and lots of points and lines, or as few as possible?

I ask because there are always paper artists saying use broad strokes and never little strokes. Things like that. I have pieced together a few beginner objects like rings and shoes and used a million lines and did it dot by dot. I get the feeling someone is going to tell me to use the pre-created objects and just morph them…like a circle into something else.

So what do you guys thing?

That is not how anyone should do it, you need to make your object as simple as possible, low poly to be exact and then assign a subdivision surface modifier to it, which will make it high poly but with a very useful control cage for easier editting. I’ve done the same mistake as you have but I’ve learnt a lot from it.Here is a video that will give you some insight of what I previously talked about: