Asking for help

Hi I’m Kbo39 I have been using blender for about 3 years. I have some skill in it but not much. So now let me get to what I’m going to ask. I’m trying to work on an animation but I’m running into some problems. One of them is my skill, I truly don’t know how to do rigging that well to make some thing move in poser mode. Also probloms with the body I have not wanting to do what I want it to do.

Now what I want to do is a sword fight. I can get the swords and the meshes that are need but I can’t get the rigging. So if you would help me with it that would be grate.

Thank you for you time

I would consider helping. Can You show a picture of the models and their wireframes?

Ok I have a few I hope that you can help me


Did you rig it with automatic weights or did you assign the vertex groups yourself?

Also, can I ask what specific problems you had with the rig?

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What I’m having problems with is the hand i need to get it were it can look like the hand grabs a sword

What does your rig look like? Specifically, did you rig the fingers?

Hey I figerd out how i would need to do he rigging, but if someone would like to help me that would be grate. For me rigging is slow and will take a lot of my time that I don’t have right now.

I could have a go