Asking for RX Vega Shared Memory/HBCC test - Goosberry Production Benchmark

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Hi there!

Anyone has tried the Production Benchmark Cycles Test on an RX Vega 56/64 card?
(Victor blend file from the Goosberry movie project

It runs out of memory on a regular 8GB videocard and it would be good to know if the HBCC memory sharing feature allows to render large scenes using Cycles with those GPUs.



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After trying again recently on my 390x I found that now it renders ok, so I would say that this is a non valid test for HBCC preformance. If someone knows about a larger scene to test it would be great to know about it.

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It would not be hard for someone to slap a cube in the scene with a few massive full float textures on it. My system does not have enough RAM nor a powerful enough GPU to work with that scene, though.

In the meantime, someone who tested it with and without HBCC enabled had significant RAM usage differences:

Well essentially no difference. Render time was 36:52.48 without HBCC enabled. Perhaps a larger sample is needed. I should note that Blender ate over 16GB of RAM vs the 9.5ish with HBCC, not sure if that was an anomaly or not.

EDIT: Does this scene crash a 4GB AMD card now? Does anyone have a RX 480 4GB to check? It wouldn’t take long to see if it crashes. Maybe AMD implemented some kind of HBCC feature in their driver for all newer cards.