Asking for some tips!

Hi everyone.
Can you give me any tips on how to improve it?Make it more realistic?I know the grass for example looks like crap haha,i don’t really know what i am doing. :joy:
(p.s. i didn’t model the deer)

You have a good start. It’s definitely all fixable so don’t worry about that.

Firstly, look at the scale of what you are making. The road is twice as wide as it should be, compared to the deer’s size, but I think the deer should be scaled up a bit more as well to match the size of the guardrails on the sides of the roads.

The next thing I would say is you need to decide on what you are wanting to do with the grass. Is this bridge abandoned? If so, the rest of the bridge and road should be adjusted to match. This is especially important with the road, which takes up a bit of the scene. An abandoned road with grass growing out of it would be full of cracks, all rough and patchy. Take a look at real abandoned roads to see how the grass grows in it.
Realistic artworks need lots of detail, which this is lacking a bit of in this way. I would also like to mention other aspects are missing too, such as streetlights, signs, maybe a proper footpath, etc. The background sky could be missing details too. With just the sky, this bridge seems really high up. Maybe mountains or buildings far off in the distance would help with this.

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Thank you very much for your feedback and your time!I This are some helpfull tips! About the extra details i didn’t have,streelight lights etc,i knew that they were essential and i thought of adding them but i wasn’t sure if the base render was even good enough to start with. I will now add them :smiley:.

Thank you once again

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