Aspect Ratio and Resolution

I have my resolution set at 4200px width and 3000px height.

I’ve set my aspect ration to x: 1.4, y: 1.0

However, the render comes out distorted.

For example a perfect circle is rendered (camera set to orthographic mode) with a width of 282 pixels and a height of 395.

Clearly there’s another setting which is over riding my render.

Using Blender 2.74

Set the aspect ratio to x=1 and y=1
This is the aspect ratio of a pixel not the render dimensions. You would use the pixel aspect ratio when you want to render out non square pixels such as for TV etc

That is the pixel aspect ratio, not the image aspect ratio. Those should always stay at 1.0 / 1.0, unless you render for a specific display device with a non-square pixel output.

Oh dear. Richard was faster. Again.


Yes, that seems to cure it.

I don’t know how it happened initially, I must’ve changed it and then, when I saw it was distorting, adjusted the aspect ratio to try to correct it.

Anyway, thanks again.