Aspect Ratio Settings for DV/NTSC DVD

(TGVoz) #1

What are the correct X Y Aspect Ration settings for DV/NTSC ?

I have used X=10 Y = 11 previously in Cinema 4D GO but I am not sure this is working properly in Blender.


(ray_theway) #2

Look here:
I’ve only used Blender with SVCD NTSC movie (480x480, 15:11). According to the site, you’ve got the right setting. Make sure the resolution is right (the tut recommends 352x240)

(MadMesh) #3

I think you should watch your anim-speed as wel the default is 4 (25 fps).
I don’t know the right setting for NTSC.
Can’t help you much with the aspect ratio bit, I’m a PAL user.

(Santiago) #4

I’m going to take your question very literally. :Z That is, you want the values which most directly convert from Blender to NTSC DV (digital video). These aren’t necessarily the same numbers you’ll get for PAL, an NTSC SVCD, or NTSC VCD. Nor are they the values if you want to do 16x9 ATSC in the US.

The DV values normally used for conversion to NTSC standards are:

Frame rate: 29.97 frames/sec, often rounded to 30.
Resolution: 720 pixels horizontally, by 480 pixels vertically.
Actual aspect ratio on the screen: 4H x 3V.

However, if you set Blender to a size X of 720, a size Y of 480, an aspect X of 45, and an aspect Y of 55, the resulting imagery, when converted to DV, appears to be very close to 4Hx3V. I suspect the skewing of the values is a result of the horizontal and vertical pixel relationship.

None of the formats output by Blender is exactly the format used by DV, so far as I could tell. The closest appears to be AVI RAW.

If you use these values, you should get fairly good results when you convert to NTSC DV. These are the values I used for an animation in Blender that I did a couple of months ago. Good luck, holler if you have problems!

(TGVoz) #5

Thanks for the replys.

After playing around with different settings and reading up a bit I’ve found that a setting of X=8 Y=9 seems to work best.

I guess I should also mention that my target media is NTSC DVD which has a resolution of 720 x 480.

Thanks again