Asphalt Story - Progress Report


More videos: → physics in slow motion

Three years ago it all began. Since then, I work on this game whenever I have time and want to.
Though there is a long way to go, I’ll keep coding and optimizing.
I do not want to leave something unfinished, every bug I encounter gets fixed immediately.

The name the game now has will probably not be the final name.

After February this game will get a development boost. Then I’ll be done with all my exams.
There will also be a website with full documentation and tutorials (first one recorded today).

Tell me what you think about it :wink:


≡ version 0.7 ≡

:black_small_square: major physics update
:black_small_square: higher performance
:black_small_square: better graphics
:black_small_square: brake lights

≡ version 0.6 ≡

:black_small_square: speed & rpm gauge
:black_small_square: dynamic daytime lighting (alpha)
:black_small_square: moving steering wheel
:black_small_square: more accurate mouse steering (mid-reduction)
:black_small_square: soundfile ready (still has some issues)

≡ version 0.5 ≡

:black_small_square: updated lighting

***→ TO-DO

:black_small_square: LOD script
:black_small_square: clutch simulation
:black_small_square: joystick support
:black_small_square: even more sound refinements
:black_small_square: environment modelling - any help appreciated :slight_smile:
:black_small_square: nice-looking low-poy car models, buses, trucks with trailers
:black_small_square: proper loading screens
:black_small_square: name and logo

Looking good! nice physics.

awesome! looks a bit laggy - is that system lag or the fact that you were recording and playing? whats the usual framerate :D?

Looks very good!

What are you planning? A racing game or an open world free roamer?

Performance: 60FPS (without video capture program)
Hardware: AMD 2.0Ghz Single-Core + Geforce 9600GT

The video capture slows the game down, since i only have a very old computer (that’ll change in february).
I tend to an open world free roam game in a city environment.

oh cool - thats good :slight_smile: the car looks amazing too to run at 60 w/out video capture:D

Asphalt Story - Physics in Slow Motion

watch here

Love the motion mechanics!!! it looks pretty smooth, where you thinking of adding player hands and other things to improve the visuals in the inside of the car? How is weight handled with the vehicle? So are this looks awesome! i cant wait to see whats nexts!!!

Yes, things like that are planned. I think I even already know how I could add player hands:

:black_small_square: create IPO curve playing hand/arm animation
:black_small_square: skip to an animation frame dependent on the steering wheel rotation

I don’t know yet if this would work, because I didn’t work with IPOs yet.
But you can expect this features to be added at the end of february.

I also thought of:

:black_small_square: smooth cockpit camera movement (not fixed to the car - moving with the forces)
:black_small_square: option to turn on camera rotation while steering to look in driving direction always
:black_small_square: working indicators, headlamps

Currently I am working on an AI script to add some traffic. Progress is good so far, the AI aren’t just following a path, they also have suspension physics.
If everything goes as planned, they will be able to decide where to turn on intersections, change lanes, detect cars in front of them and brake when detecting obstacles.
So their behavior will be unique dependent on what happens in their sourroundings.

Hello Community!

I successfully implemented “Joystick Steering” today, so it is now possible to steer the car with a wheel.

:black_small_square: Throttle and Braking
→ range from 0…1000

:black_small_square: Steering with mid-reduction
→ range from -32767…32767

So now I am at the point, where i need to make a good menu, where you can setup things like:

:black_small_square: steering mode (wheel, mouse or keyboard)
:black_small_square: mid reduction value

:black_small_square: bloom intensity
:black_small_square: anti aliasing samples

:black_small_square: etc…

Can anybody tell me if there is a good way to make it? (I don’t want to click on planes)

I already played with the bgl and blf modules,
and I tried bgui.

Is bgui the way to go? I am asking because I want to know if it’s worth it to learn using it.