Assassin WIP(Updated 2004/11/26)

well I few months ago I made a Orcish Warrior that I put alot of time and effort and detail into ( ) and i decided to try my hand at another model with that level of detail(or higher). So here’s the start of what I have so far: C&C much appreciated, thanks!

edit - image removed

cant wait to see this one too… good job so far

looks like something from halo with lots of hair


Looking good from the begining… as ever!
One thing I noticed is that the distance between eyes is excesive. Of course I don’t know what kind of creature are you doing, but for the face balance, it should take the same distance of an eye aprox… Take it or not, whatever :smiley:

I envy you for your machine. If I were modelling that I’d had to left hair to the end, because it would collapse mi PC in the first renders. :S

thanks for the comments so far!

TakingHits - Thanks:)

briandac - erm, I don’t see the likeness to anything from Halo, but ok

Yetzero - thanks! About the eye distance, I see what you mean. I think I’ll leave it for now though, I like the way he looks with the wide nose bridge for some reason lol
My pc is pretty good, I guess…took about 5min to render this update, and about 350 MB of RAM:S the particle emitter for the fur is about 900 000 verts, but i keep it in a seperate layer and only activate it when I render, so I can model fine with it there.

Here’s the next update:

Here’s another update:

nice static particles

the detailing is starting to come out…

cant wait for an update


no one else has any crits?

Looks good Arowe.
I was a big fan of the Orc, so i hope you can bring to the table with the assassin what you did with the orc.
The cloth looks really good but I dont like the particle poofy thing. I just cant see a stealth killer wearing something that is just for show. IMHO assassins only wear what is necessary for their skills and tasks.

:o oh my… man you’re evil!!! :smiley:

it reminds me the orcs in the last “Lord of the Rings” movie!!

[og]GrYpHoN - thanks. About the furry thing, the idea is that he’s going to be set in an arctic-like setting so I figured I’de have him wrapped up in warm clothing…

Ok then thumbs up. Again I hope this will be as promising as your orc was.

[og]GrYpHoN - so do I;)

here’s another update: