Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade Animation.

The Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade, modeled, tracked and composited by me. The tracking could be much better, but the video isn’t that good so…

Tracked in Syntheyes, modeled and animated in Blender, composited in After Effects CS3.


Any questions, I would be happy to answer.

camara tracking is not good. Did you use Voodoo tracker?

Tracked in Syntheyes

You should read more often

Some renders if anyone is interested:

So exactly why is the tracking off?

The composting seems OK, but the angle of the knife is also way off.

i didnt move and rotate my arm enough so syntheyes didnt have alot of data to compile a solid 3d track. i dont know if you understand, but thats my theory. ]

Next time (if here is a next time) i will rotate and move my arm alot more, then it should work fine.


Interesting, yeah. I have never used that software. But I understand in theory.

Why not do it again? Looks like fun.

Also the angle of the knife is key. I suppose you have to set that up by hand yes? Curious, as I have never done that kind of live action matching before.

it was fun actually, and it didnt even take that long, only 2 days. I have many exams, so when i have some more time, i’ll make a new one. And yes, the angle of the knife was hand animated.

may i have the model

All i can say is that this is a temptation,in my personal opinion this is not good for the kids,and i absolutely hate this kind of thing.