Assault Cube

Anybody here play the open source game Assault Cube?

I mostly play forum games and Age of Empires. Can’t say I have heard much, if anything about this game sorry.

You play AoE? II or III? II is better. AoK is like a sport at my house. :stuck_out_tongue:

Age of Empires II - I mostly design my own levels and try to clock it. There’s this one that I usually have a 50 percent chance of winning, I’m trying to get my strategy to 100% consistency. Back in the days when I was at uni - we’d pay warcraft by linking two computers together, and there was some good players then out there.
My laptop is not to grunty, so I have to play games that don’t use too much memory.

Hey, we should set up a multiplayer AoE AoK game. You have Skype?

Yep . . . 'cept it’s downstairs on Dad’s computer. And we don’t use that computer too much except for emails. . .and I don’t really have much time for now, but I’ll let you know if I have some time at home since the long weekend is coming up, and then maybe we can try. Although I don’t have much confidence in me wife allowing me to go on the 'net then either, as she’s always checking her emails and such. Nev mind - we’ll see.
And no doubt you’ll have me whipped at the game too, I’m not too hot (and no I am not hustling you!)

Ok, I hate playing against people who think they’ll lose. If you think you have a chance I’d love to play you. But if you honestly think you’ll be a push over never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Phew . . . I guess I got out of that one easy! Have a great day!

LOL. Ok. Let me know when you perfect your strategy. I like losing.

On AOE 2 my brother would build these massive defensive networks around his town, he does it so good that even on hard the AI can’t get past his defensives and demolish his town center.

We still have the game, and I think my brother would whip you up and down if he still had all the skill he had when he was younger, only he’s now working in Arizona and the game is at home.

AOE 3 had some sloppy design decisions that prevents it from being a true masterpiece, walls are useless sometimes because if you had your cannon attack a structure inside a wall, the ball would go through the wall. Not to mention the cliffs were just eyecandy (you never had a high ground advantage, a cannon ball or arrow can just go through the terrain), and prop objects they didn’t bother to make a collision or physics mesh for.

Mwahahaha, let the challenge be open! I don’t know very many people who can woop me on AoE II but anybody who wants to try let me know. :smiley:

I still play AOE, mostly on IGZones ever since The Zone removed CD games :(. Its never as active as The Zone was but its the closest you can get. I might take up your challenge.

Well, if you take up my challenge, We could try to do a one on one by ip. I could never get that site to work right. My Skype ID is: coryalantaylor

Forum games? How much time do you spend on those to mention it alongside Age of Empires?!