Assault Rifle 1960

Working on a sci-fi Assault Rifle for an indie studio. I used the Wolfenstein The New Order assault rifle 1960 as reference, removing all the non-sense designs and applying practical ones…


Added a muzzle break
Added more detail to the lower receiver
Increased the scope height
Added retractable crosshairs for the grenade launcher

Update 2:

More details
Proportional Corrections

Update 3:

Elevated the scope a bit higher
Increased space for the trigger area
Made a longer barrel
Smoothed some edges
Relocated the lever to the left side
Made the body modular for easy 3d printing

Update 3:

New buttstock
New paint job
More detail to the lower receiver
More detail to the magazine
Custom pistol grip


Clay render done

Very cool design. Looks like it was a fun model to make.

On several of these models, I found myself wondering whether the butt-stock and/or the placement of the optical aiming device would actually match the necessary position of a human figure who is aiming and firing this rifle. The stock of a rifle often slopes upward specifically to give the head-and-eyes somewhere to be, and also to make sure that the recoil does not drive the weapon against the face. I’d suggest improvising a very simple model with correct human proportions with which to verify that the weapon you designed can actually be held, aimed and fired.

thanks for pointing that out. I think I should make a life sized paper craft of these and try how they look like.