assault rifle

I’ve started another weapon for game Vortex of Hostility. First one is HERE.

So, about 2 years ago, when i started working on this project, my first job was a concept drawing for assault rifle, for modelers to model it. Well it was finished, unfortunately now this model looks too lowpoly comparing to other stuff made during these 2 years, so now I am making a new one ;], not only a concept drawing, but modeling and texturing also.
I have a budget of 10 000 triangles for a low-poly model, same as shotgun.

I’ll start by showing finished concept, done in 2006.

here is a finished first version of Assault rifle in 2006 (modeling and texturing isn’t mine):

i am showing this just to compare final versions after i will finish the new rifle.

And the new concept drawing. I based this version on the old concept.

  • attachable modifications like optical sights and grenade launcher.


starting smoothing meshes:

that’s it for a while.

Wow that looks really nice!! The modeling is really clean and smooth looking. Can’t wait for textures. Can’t wait to see this finished!

wow… thats intense~! great detal!

Awsome work. Looks really clean and precise. It reminds me of the FN2000.

clean modeling. Looks good.

Looking very smart. Whats the poly count?

I thought it looked like that amazing shotgun model and then I followed your sig and thought “Oh, its YOU!”

can you post pics of the texture ? ?

that’s a really good looking weapon

wow ,its great work :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!

Oh, i forgot to mention: at the moment I am making high-poly model for normalmap, so the poly-count of this subdivided version may go up to millions.

there is no texture yet, i am doing modeling at the moment, textures will be the last.

update for high poly model.

looking very nice, 10 000 tris is hardly low poly of a single wepaon though, (the gears of war low poly character models are around 15 k tris) you should have no trouble atall adding in lots of detail even before the the textures are applied.
keep it up!


kay_eva characters are almost 10k tris…

but i have a reallg strong feeling this is gunna go to the gallery right next too your Trooper!

really great…
these guns give me this weird feeling…idk what it is…lol

reminds me of a P90… nice work man!

gosh :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Oh my GOD!! This is the most beautiful rifle I’ve seen so far…ouch! The Pics in you first posts look life like - how did you manage that? keep this up man…great work

I`ve had a lot of work recently, so i had to take a break for this project… now i am continuing :slight_smile:

high-poly model more or less finished:

next up - lowpoly models and UV mapping and normalmap baking.

if it’s not too much to ask, would you use the texturing/uv-mapping as the basis for a tutorial?
This reminds me of Masamune Shirow’s guns. Nice work. Very Appleseed.

EDIT: For clarity; I was referig to a tutorial on workflow for using a high poly model with a low poly model. I’m very interested in seeing your workflow.

Ok, ill try saving images of work in progress and, ill comment it as detailed as possible :slight_smile: