Assault Transport And Command Core

This is a highpoly I plan to bake on a lower poly. That means I need to avoid right angles as much as possible in the details. Also means I can’t have specularity, transparency or reflectivity, but I can turn those off easily before baking.

I still need to add details into the wings, decals, and am going to try simbiontblender to try and get a good plating procedural.

Here is a little animation:

Fire away with the C&C… this is my first attempt at a high poly single mesh .

I am also pretty new to materials, looking for suggestions there, and of course overall design, sinc ethe player will see this (a low poly version) for most of the game.

Arggh… those windows.

nice model

the wings seem a bit stuby and fat, not the type of thing you would uses in an atmosphear, they seem to lake airodynamics. and theirs little need for wings in space.

although i can say more than it looks nice, putting a reflective value on the craft is a personal favourit

i persona;y would go with a diffrent color to brown for the main window…most other colors to be hounest

can’t crit you uses of hi poly modling without a wire frame, but luving it other wise