Assault Wing Robotic Drone

Hello there.
Something I modeled and rendered in Blender.
Cycles render time was 10 min or so.
Ground is from CGtextures. Post work in Gimp.

I know this is finished products, but I would suggest using the ‘dither’ button to eliminate the banding in your sky. it’s in the render buttons under the post processing tab. looks really good, btw.

Good work! One thing I’d work on is the material, but otherwise it’s a great model :P.

Thanks for the tips friends.
I spend so much time modeling, but I often use the same texture all over the place. I’ll devote equal time to texturing, next project.

Well I re-rendered but changed the ship material from glossy, back to diffuse. I turned on dithering.
I think all this is an improvement. Hope you agree.