Assembling crew for 3D animated web series_

Looking for hard edge modellers, character and asset riggers, texture artists, clothing and hair modellers and animators for work on a sci fi comedy/drama web series pilot (approx 10 mins long). Also looking for voice actors male and female.

I am a hard edge modeler and texture artist. I’m interested in knowing more about the project.

In 2011 while working on spacecraft a model I was talked into creating a story around it. My intention was to do the pilot ourselves then pitch it to The Cartoon Network. Animating was proving too difficult so I opted out for doing each episode as a webcomic until my computer died and I had to stop.
The comic is ok but not the real product as it lacks the finished dialogue and all the other good stuff motion, actors and sound effects provide. It does however give a decent sense of who the characters are and the potential it has as a series. We were getting close, actually had a bonafide tv producer seriously considering it until their “animation” guy told him it would be too expensive.
So yeah, tried a crowd funder but I didn’t know what I was doing and already spread thin, so when that failed i took a few years off.
Anyway, got a new machine last summer and I had to start working on it again after investing so much. I had two or three people get really mad and one of them actually threatened me because I told them they couldnt work on this project, just sayin, it’s pretty awesome. Thinking web series now, ten minute episodes. I am working on an episode now, since November and have no idea how long it will actually take.
I couldn’t find a button for PM so here is my email, [email protected]
Please feel free to email me with any questions.
Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you.