Assembling Scattered Objects

What would be the best way to animate a bunch of scattered objects organizing themselves? For example, a bunch of scattered blocks combining to form a tower. Another example would be the LEGO star wars video games where you use the force to combine LEGO pieces into larger objects.

Personaly I would use the physics engine and then reverse the animation. If you want to manually place them, then set a keyframe in their organized state then move back along the timeline and then scatter the objects in the manner you want. When you move forward you will see the effect you want.

To reverse an animation go to the dope sheet editor and position the slider thingy in the exact center of your animation and select all your key frames and then hit S -1 Then proceed to the rendering stage.

Physics engine tutorials:
Game engine:
Gsoc intergration(requires a special build):
If you need a more complex reconstruction just ask.

Here is an example of a finished tower reconstruction:(sorry this didn’t work out because the uploader failed as usual, return soon for the file as I will make another atempt)

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Here’s a tutorial that might be what your looking for…