Asset Browser: Delete ALL assets in a catalog?

I hope this proves to be a dumb question, but I need to clear out all the saved poses from my asset catalog. The Delete key doesn’t do anything, “Select-All, Right-Click, Clear Asset” doesn’t do anything, and deleting the Catalog itself just renders the individual assets as a big “unassigned” mess.

Yes, I’ve tried to “Google it” for several minutes now. While I’ve learend some interesting things about using assets and catalogs, I can’t find anything about clearing them out.

I can’t tell if it’s relevant, but I know there’s a default Path for User Libraries. In my case, it’s “C:\Users[…]\Blender\Assets” but that directory doesn’t exist on my computer.


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Unless there’s been a very recent update, you can’t delete multiple assets from the Asset Browser. You can, however, delete stuff in bulk from the Outliner.

Library poses seem to be listed under Blender File → Current File → Actions, and are marked with a library icon. Just be careful not to delete irrelevant actions being used for some other purpose.

Time to look into this external library feature. Yeesh.

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You can try selecting multiple objects from outliner that are assets and right click > Clear Asset, same way you create Asset to clear all at once.

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