Asset Browser Utilities : Batch Mark/Unmark, Export, Manage Tags

Ohh, this sounds exactly like what I’ve been looking for! Thanks a lot for sharing! I’ll test it a bit to see if it works for me. Btw, do you have any place to drop you some bucks?

Hey everyone and anyone interested !

I’ve added the option to batch add or remove tags from current file or external library, coupled with the ability to filter assets by type, selection state and name.

Next up : Catalogs. It’s a bit more involved as I discovered.

Yeah I’m working on making it more straightforward to maintain specific asset library folders. But we also need to leave some time for the Asset Browser to mature, I’m sure it will be way easier in the future to do such things. For me the asset previews load time is #1 offender for optimization for now.

Hey no problem ! Happy to help :slight_smile:

I’m doing this as a hobby and I don’t want to have to deal with french tax shenanigans for now so your satisfaction is enough !

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Hi @Gorgious .
When I try to add your addon to blender, I get this error. Do you understand anything about it?

Ah, yes, I should look into fixing this. It’s because github automatically adds -master to the zip file name when you download it. Remove the addon in Blender, Rename the zip file to asset_browser_utilities and try to add the addon again using the renamed zip file.

Sorry for that !

That’s something that applies to all addons where the code is downloaded from the master branch, not really something you should apologise for tbh. Some addon makers use the release feature, where they put up a zip file with the correct name and a release number that only shows on github. Though you could also add a line of text to let people know they should rename the folder by removing “-master”.

E: With the releases feature on Github, it may be easier to diagnose bugs, since users can state the version they used this let’s you know whether a bug could be a regression or was already solved in a previous release.

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Yeah I tried to fix it for a while but it would mean either adding unnecessary boilerplate code to the addon or structuring it all in one file or one folder which is unmaintainable.

So I’ll make sure to use releases from now on :slight_smile:


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It works! Thanks for the quick reply.

Simpy renaming the zip was not enought for me, I had to also rename the top folder inside the zip.

@Gorgious First of all, thanks for your hard work. Great job!

I just have one small comment - when exporting assets to a new/existing file, it would be nice if Blender would open a new instance and not close the one we are exporting from. That way, when I’m done exporting, I can quickly get back to working on the main project. What do you think of this idea?

I also have another suggestion for making custom previews which you can read about here. I think it would be a great addition to your tool, but I imagine that implementing this idea might be very difficult and time consuming.

Hello !

Those are both very interesting proposals, thank you :slight_smile:

You motivated me to look into opening new blender instances instead of piggybacking on the current one. It’s not really straightfoward since one has to use command line arguments but I managed to make it work. It will be available in the next release !


For the second part of your proposal, it would indeed be very welcome but I think it requires a lot of work, I’ll focus on polishing the core features but it’s on my todo list. :slight_smile:



Just pushed release 0.0.10

Batch link asset previews from images on disk (option to search recursively in folders if you don’t select any file)

Filter by asset catalog

Open a new blender instance when exporting instead of overwriting current one


@Gorgious You seem to work at the speed of light. :open_mouth: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Loading previews from a file on disk is amazing. I have a lot of previews made earlier with Asset Wizard, which I can use in asset browser. Thanks a lot for this feature.

Maybe I’m wrong, but thanks to this feature doing what I wrote earlier about making previews in external scenes may be easier.

I imagine the following steps to do it:

  1. select from the list of templates the file in which the previews will be rendered.
  2. for the specified assets, make a loop for each individual asset.
  3. using the code for exporting asset send the asset to the external scene file.
  4. move the asset to the center of the scene.
  5. align the camera to the selected asset or scale the asset to some assumed size so that no matter what the asset is, whether it’s a large tree or a small screw, it will always be within the camera’s view.
  6. render the asset according to the file settings.
  7. save the rendered output to disk with the same name as the asset.
  8. using the code for loading previews from disk, assign the preview to the asset in the source file (the library file)
  9. remove the jpg/png file of the render preview from the disk, in order not to use unnecessary space on the disk.

I’m not a programmer and maybe this is total crap what I wrote, and you have a different idea about it. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.


Hey thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah this is pretty much the workflow I envisioned. I’m thinking shipping the addon with a few default scenes the user could select from, or select their own if they have one. Still there are quite a few steps and a lot of data has to be passed and a lot of things can go wrong but I’ll start working on it !


You can now in the latest release force re-generating asset previews without modifying any other existing property on assets :


Would It be possible to script a way to stop refreshing/synchronizing ?
Each time I do undo It forces Asset Browser to refresh, stealing my precious seconds.

I sure could implement something like that, but could you elaborate on what exactly is your workflow ? At what point do you undo ?

However do note you’re not really supposed to undo or do other things while the previews are generating, that’s the reason some previews are skipped in the first place.

I would like to have a button that stops Asset Browser from refreshing the assets.

I always wait for assets to load, but when It cokes to pose assets… Asset Browser is a blessing n a curse.

Disabling auto-refresh would allow me to keep using Asset Browse when Im animating.

I haven’t really used the pose library feature, do you mean every time you update the pose of an asset, the asset browser refreshes the preview ?

Every time I do undo in viewport It refreshes the Asset Browser.

I’ll show a clip soon

Here’s the video.