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Looks like some real progress on the asset browser, so I figured it was time to create a thread about it.

original email:

Pablo Vazquez also demonstrated where it currently is on Blender Today (starts ~41:30):


For now I just hope the ‘native Blender project concept’ they’re planning won’t lead to the kind of situation like in e.g. Unity or DaVinci Resolve, where everything always has to be part of a particular project.

  • First of all, this, (especially in Resolve) always gets me confused about what ends up saved where (filepath-wise).

  • Secondly, I’m not sure I’ll ever fully understand what is contained wherein (data-wise), especially if you have a ‘Save Project’ command, seperated from a ‘Save Scene’ command, like in Unity.

  • Thirdly, I consider it super annoying in e.g. Unity, how I basically can’t quickly test something in-engine, without creating a specific Unity-Project (for my one-off quick test!) first, or needing to use an already existing.
    So say I wrote a shader and just want to quickly test it in Unity while it’s heavily wip still. There’s no way of just opening a new Unity-scene testing it, and afterwards just closing the session again without having saved anything to disk (just in RAM).

They mention it’s meant to be ‘similar to e.g. git’. Now if I knew what that means… (my git-knowledge is rather basic).

greetings, Kologe

Oh my god! Is this really happening? Woooooooaaah :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat:

Kudos to Julien and the amazing devs! Can’t wait to see this officially in Blender 2.93 :heart_eyes:

  • In fact it’s already a bit the case in one .blend you can have multiple shot/scenes and save a whole project in one file.

  • I Think it’s just when one project is made of several files and you work on different projects. You need a way to tell which project assets belong to. That should be the work of an asset manager (eg : shotgun) , making all this inside blender seems a bit challenging to me… Maybe the design will evolve, or they will come up with a clever way of doing it…

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I think it’s been mentioned somewhere they don’t plan to have the functionality of such pipeline-software as shotgun in this asset manager project.
Though it’s not really clear to me yet what it’s actually panned to be. Time will tell, I guess.

greetings, Kologe

I’m really excited about this feature. I just hope you don’t have to manually add all the assets by right clicking on each asset by the time it comes out.

Finally got the asset browser branch working after watching the Blender.Today timestamp. Thank you!

Looks like it should be in 2.92 alpha builds in the next day or two. :partying_face:

  • Asset browser merge is still planned for today or tomorrow.



Several years of projects and refactoring (which began with the file browser) is now about to pay off, and the result should be the asset browser not only being robust, but deeply integrated into Blender’s core as well.

I figured for sure that the foundation and the related features were all in place now, they were.


Can’t wait!

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:scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat:

So far so good!


I’m under the impression that the new Asset Library needs more polishing. Maybe until 2.92 final release?

Unless I’m missing something:

  • Folders doesn’t work.
  • Bookmarks doesn’t work.
  • Can’t make Environment, Geometry and Animations assets to work.
  • What is Miscellaneous?
  • Custom directory doesn’t seems to work. It’s not clear if it will read your drive and load assets into Blender or if it will save your assigned assets on the preferences custom location. Both options are good, but I think it will be only one of them. Maybe I’m wrong here.

Glad to see the Asset Browser finally making an appearance in regular development builds. This is going to make managing regularly used assets so much less hassle.

I wonder if brushes are going to be added, and I wonder why sounds are in the same category as images.

While reading the docs I remembered something I always found a bit weird with Blender - the way materials seem to contain the entire shading network as opposed to the concept of a shader (the node network itself with some exposed editable properties) and a material, which uses the shader and contains only values set for the editable properties, so you can have red, blue and silver car paint all using the same network and changes you make will affect all materials. Alternatively, UE4 uses the terms (Master) Material and Material Instance.

How is this handled in Blender? The network is duplicated for each material? Should we store master materials in a file, then link and override just the properties we want to change? Sorry if this is slightly off topic, but I’m really curious.

Assets browser is what the industry requires. Right now marmoset toolbag is trying to fill the niche, but it’s paid. So free asset browser embedded into Blender would be awesome.

In the last Blender youtube video Pablo said that the current version of the browser is just pre-alpha.


It was just committed a few hours ago…

Yes, I know. I was just expecting to be on a more usable stage. But I know it will improve until release. :slight_smile:

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I hope so! It will be cool improving it before the 2.92 release with some of the things you said. For me right now it’s like “OH YES We finally have an asset browser inside Blender” and I’m just happy with that.

You know… Sometimes when something new arrives I’m secretly terrified. Because after a lot of work I fear of the developers thinking “People must be happy with it! Let’s see what they say” and going to the forums/twitter and reading things like “Meh… it’s ok but it could be better” and being discouraged (and I don’t say it because of what you said… but man, sometimes people are mean!).


he shows the feature that works, i love it <3